Standard Performance

1-2 hours 3 hours 4 hours
Solo $350 $400 $475
Duo $575 $675 $775
Trio $840 $975 $1120
Quartet $1025 $1225 $1420
Quintet $1275 $1525 $1720
Sextet $1500 $1800 $2020

Vocals - No additional charge, but must be specified upon booking.

This estimate is assuming that the performance location is in the Los Angeles area. (Certain beach and mountain communities, even within L.A., may be more due to travel. Start times or end times that will require travel through notoriously heavy traffic, such as downtown LA on a weekday morning, may also accrue additional travel fees.) Set up and tear down are on our own time; pricing includes set up and tear down time of standard performance equipment.

These other factors may increase price:

  • Additional travel
  • Extra equipment (i.e., marimba, additional PA system)
  • Additional insured certificates
  • Multiple performance locations
  • Requested extra- early setup time
  • Set up in sand/on the beach
  • Overtime
  • Performance in wedding ceremony (see below)
  • Wedding receptions/MC'ing
  • Performance on certain holidays

Need help figuring out what size band to book? Go to the What Band Size Do I Choose? page or contact us by phone (310) 666-3464 or email

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Wedding Ceremony

Pre-Ceremony & Ceremony (up to 1.5 hours) Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony & Cocktails (up to 2.5 hours)
Solo $315 $385
Duo $525 $660
Trio $760 $930
Quartet $925 $1175
  • For cocktail hours ONLY use the standard pricing at the top of page.
  • Wedding ceremonies are priced a bit differently than "standard" performances (as listed above) because there's more musical prep beforehand, administrative tasks, coordination the day-of, and is a featured performance.
  • We can learn one song not on our repertoire list, free of charge (subject to musical approval by musician(s)).
  • Each couple is given a wedding questionnaire, on which they fill out logistical details and musical selections so things run smoothly for everyone the day-of.